What does consistency mean to you??

Often the difference between a gold medal, personal best or finishing your goal is the ability to consistently train. Preventing injuries is the holy grail of Sports Medicine, it isn’t easy and that’s why we see the world’s best athletes still struggle. Minimizing injury risk involves a complex interaction between knowing the demands of the sport, knowing the athlete’s body and knowing the injury.

Ascend has teamed up with TheScreeningLab to bring you the elite level screening and individualised programs to ensure your body meets the demands of your sports/ goals.

TheScreeningLab concept began when Max observed Pete performing a WAIS athlete screening using pen and paper: fast forward a couple of years, applying modern IT we now have a paperless cloud-based digital system that improves all the aspects of physical screening: easier and faster collection of data, automated data analysis specific to age and gender, professional reports including an exercise program for any identified weak areas, and objectively tracks changes over time. 

How it benefits you:

  • receive a professional assessment, immediate reports with results compared to normative data to place them on a bell curve for each of their physical attributes (strength, power, flexibility, control, fitness, and pathology)
  • are provided includes a 6-week progressive exercise program to prevent injuries in any of the identified weak areas (prehab program)
  • are motivated through the tracking function where they objectively see their physical attributes change over time.  


Despite being very early in our launch phase, we are gaining good traction with users now including the Wallaroos, Heat, Joonadalup Wolves, SkyPlay Basketball Academy, Curtin University, East Freo FC, PLC, Como college, and just have approached a few gyms with great responses.