Reduce injuries in your team by 30-50%?

What if there was a warm-up routine that your team could go through that reduced the risk of injuries by 30% and the risk of severe injuries by 50%? What if this warm-up also improved both individual and team performance?

There is and it’s called the FIFA 11+. Originally designed to reduce the number of ACL injuries in soccer players, the FIFA 11+ has since been found to also reduce the number of hamstring injuries and ankle sprains as well. It’s also been shown to improve performance by aiding with agility, speed and balance.
The FIFA 11+ is a 15-20 minute warm-up that needs to be done at least twice weekly to be beneficial. It is split up into three different sections. The first section involves some slower running and dynamic stretching drills as well as low level contact drills. The middle section is comprised of exercises to help with balance, strength and control as well as explosive power. The final section has more high speed running and change of direction drills.
This mix of running, change of direction, strength and balance drills assists with warming the players up and creating good movement patterns, thereby decreasing injuries. The less injuries there are, the better your team plays.
FIFA 11+ is available on line so it might be worth having a look at it when planning pre-season training for next year.