Is Runner's Knee pain slowing you down?

Runner’s Knee also known as patellofemoral pain, is a very common problem for runners. (And other athletes, you don’t just have to be a runner to get this).

The pain is felt ‘underneath’ the knee cap and is usually felt with knee loading activities – running, squatting, getting up from the chair, stairs. Occasionally, this can be precipitated following a blow to the knee cap. But more often than not, patients complain of a gradual increase in pain secondary to a rapid increase in training or biomechanical faults. The diagram below shows some common biomechanical faults.


The issue with trying to settle it down is that there are often multiple reasons why you get the pain- so treatment needs to be directed at all of the factors creating the problem. Listed below are just a few of the factors which can be addressed to help with runner’s knee;
  • Strengthening the quadriceps muscles (running gets you fit in other ways. But to get stronger, you need resistance training. This would include squatting and lunging. As you get stronger, you can add an external load).
  • Strengthening the hip muscles to improve control of the knee and hip position during movement
  • Improving your running/exercise technique to offload the knee (This may include shortening stride length during running or correcting knee or foot position during running).
  • Changing footwear or adding shoe inserts may also provide short term pain relief whilst working on strength issues
  • Rolling out/ stretching tight muscles such as the ITB may also provide pain relief by taking pressure off the knee

These, along with other treatment and management techniques are all strategies used by our physiotherapists at Ascend to assist athletes with the management of their knee pain. If knee pain has been slowing you down, give us a call on 9387 2699 and we’ll set you back on the right path to achieving your peak.