Preparing for the City to Surf?

Looking to hit some goals at this year's City to Surf?

We are 8 weeks out from the event, coincidentally the same amount of time it takes to see good improvements in muscle strength. Hopefully by now you have a training program underway and are slowly but steadily increasing your running distance by no more than 10% weekly.

Some of the common injuries which we see when people increase their running load include;
Runner’s knee (Patellofemoral Pain): pain around the knee cap
ITBFS (Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome): pain on the outside of the knee
Patella Tendonopathy : pain below the knee cap along the tendon
Gluteal tendonopathy: pain around the hip and bottom
Shin splints: pain up the inside of the shin
Plantar fascia pain: pain through the arch of the foot

This is the crucial time where if you start to notice niggles and injuries popping up, you get it looked into.  As mentioned before it take 8-12 weeks to improve your strength. Many running related injuries can be attributed to a lack of strength in certain muscles. This means with the correct management, we can keep you training (sometimes in a modified form) whilst we work on strengthening you muscles and getting you ready for race day.

Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring some blogs to address/prevent the above issues. Stay tuned.