Are you and your machine ready to race?

With numerous of cycling events in the month of March, now's the time to get your bike race ready! Ascend has joined forces with Carle Green to offer the highest quality Bike Fits now at Ascend.

Carle is a leading national age group triathlete and duathlete, who has competed at a high level for the last 9-10 years in events from sprint distance to ironman. He is the current Australian Age Group National Duathlon champion and has competed for Great Britain at the Ironman World Championships, Half Ironman World Championships and ITU Long Distance World Championships, and has also won multiple state titles in WA.

Carle developed a strong interest in bike fitting initially around 10 years ago through seeking the optimum position for his own benefit, for speed and comfort (which priority was varied according to the race distances he was competing in). After assessing and studying the results of various other bike fit options on the market (including Retul and other computerised systems) that he had tried for himself and being unsatisfied with the results he began to study bike fitting even more to get the best out of himself athletically, which led to some impressive results, not just on the bike but also on the run as well.

His interest and performance soon led to others asking for his help and advice and he started doing bike fits for others 7 years ago, since then has fitted 100's of other cyclists for TT, Triathlon, Road and MTB fits with some excellent results.

Carle is also very in tune with positional impacts for managing injury's and rehabilitation, and is keen to work with the Ascend Physio team to understand any patient's injury problems, flexibility issues, and athletic goals to help fine tune their bike positions for long term success.


The Ascend Edge:

  • Physio focused bike fits, working in tangent with your physiotherapist to consider any individual injuries, rehabilitation, strength imbalances and flexibility constraints.
  • Provision of a detailed Bike Fit Report.
  • One month free adjustments post Bike Fit, should any adjustments be required.
  • Comprehensive bike fittings tailored to the individuals athletic goals for competitive athletes, including fits for Road Racing (inc.UCI Legal positioning), Triathlon and Time Trialling.



  • Road Bikes - $250
  • Time Trial/Triathlon Bikes - $350

Discounts available for two bikes fitted at the same time