AFL injury prevention program 1

Hi guys welcome back after Christmas- I hope there’s not too many extra kilo’s to carry around the park.
Just a quick recap from the session before Christmas. A reminder these exercises are important to decrease soft tissue (hamstring/quads/calves) injuries as well as significantly decrease your risk of ACL injury. If you haven’t already, get them started now and I’ll be down in a few weeks to check on your progress.

  • Start with warm-up run throughs followed by dynamic stretching (high knees, leg swings, karaoke, calf pumps)
  • Nordics- Ankles either held down or tucked under a bar, keep straight through the body, lower as far forwards as you can control forwards and then catch yourself with hands. Try not to let back arm or bottom stick out. Do 6 repetitions

  • Groin squeeze- knees bent, ball between knees, squeeze in for 2 seconds, hold for 2 seconds then relax out for 2 seconds. Do 5 repetitions with knees bent then 5 with knees straight
  • Side Plank- legs out straight, propped on forearm, take 2 seconds to push up, 2 seconds to hold, 2 seconds to lower, do 5 reps on each side

  • Single leg squats- without letting the knee fall in, repeat 6 steady, controlled single leg squats on each leg